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Entrepreneurs and their journeys fascinate me. I never get tired of the stories behind the creation of their businesses. While the origin stories vary wildly, it seems most end up at the same place: STUCK. They’ve hit a ceiling. They lack the profit they want. They have good people but team issues. And possibly, nothing is working. This is why my passion is to bring EOS to business owners like you, because quite simply, it works. I’ve spent my entire 35+ year business career advising small and mid-sized businesses and their owners. Over 200 companies later, I can attest to the power of positive, permanent change brought by EOS.

What Clients Say About Paul

It’s no exaggeration to say that EOS has changed our company in more positive ways than I could have ever imagined – and it’s literally changed my life. I went from working until 9, 10 or even 11 at night many nights to working a normal schedule with less stress, and having time to come back to volunteer work and other personal activities that I had neglected for 10 years. Dani Nichols

President, North American Polymer Co.

The EOS structure has provided the clarity and the tools to make real progress at our company. The accountability the system helps create has also proven invaluable to me as an owner. Adding to the EOS system is all of your experience, wisdom, unbiased perspective and personal style. You complement the Concare team, and have helped to elevate our abilities. I especially appreciate your followup calls to myself and the other members of our management group to keep us on track! Ron Puszynski

President, Concare, Inc.

After reading the book Traction, I tried self-implementing EOS at our company. Although we made some progress, it wasn’t until we partnered with Paul (as Implementer) that our meetings became efficient and ultra-productive. Paul not only governs our meetings to keep us on track, but also when appropriate, he lends ideas from his vast consulting experience.

David T. Westerman, Jr.

CEO, Carbit Paint Co.

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